Some Support for March and early April 2013

Cedarwood will continue to be a strong support over the next month or so.

It will bring a sense of ease and help us to find restful / peaceful states relatively quickly.

Simply inhale from the bottle or inhale and then dab a little of the oil onto a tissue and place this at your feet and sit quietly.


Frankincense it key right now.

It will encourage alignment within the energy body or any environment.

If we feel things are not quite flowing or are out of sorts on any level. (body / Mind / Emotional etc…).

It can be inhale and sat with .Or if the environment is feeling out of alignment then use a neat drop in the space. And sit quietly in prayer for a moment or two as rebalances itself.

As we fine tune our alignment, our lightness is enhanced and we can connect and flow with it a little easier.


Blended with May Chang Oil, Frankincense gains access to another area of our energy. The two oils blended in equal parts will allow a

union or a synergy to occur between the levels of the heart and the mind. The gateway of the heart  can be cleared of mental restriction.

Allowing us to be present within our heart space and benefit from the uplift and shelter that this beautiful inner sanctum offers.

Inhale and sit quietly.


Finally, Sweet Marjoram is a beautiful cleanse for us and our environment right now.

Used in an oil burner and if possible blended with rose water (but fine just in some nice filtered or spring water).

If you do not have an oil burner, the oil could be used in a spray/spritz in water or/and rosewater.


All my Love

Kate xxx






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