A session with Kate can take various forms; she uses a combination of energy / body work, breath practices, holistic and ayurvedic (Sanskrit: आयुर्वेद, Āyurveda, “life-knowledge”) massage therapy, guided meditations / relaxation.
The broad spectrum of her work means it can be adapted accordingly to the individual.

We all know that stress, anxiety, depression, body tension/pain, interrupted sleep, cravings and addictive behaviours can be some of the bi-products of modern day living. We know that such bi-products, at the very least, make it more difficult for us to experience ease and peace in our day to day lives. Ongoing stress and raised cortisol levels can be hugely aggravating to underlying conditions and pathologies. It also can deeply effect our work, personal lives and all of our relationships.

A combination of deep relaxation, breath practices and meditations can help us to downgrade an over stimulated nervous system and interrupt the vicious cycles of stress that can takes us out of balance and away from wellness in so many ways.

Understanding how to tap in to our natural resource – the breath, helps us to steady the mind, balance and calm rising emotion, relax the body and dampen the production of stress hormones, all which can prevent us from accessing wellness, and getting to know our inner wisdom and sense of meaning.

Kate creates bespoke healing treatments, with aftercare protocol’s that can assist one to relinquish a sense of flow and connection with self.

One-on-One Healing Sessions

This hands on healing session has developed over the years of my practice. Working with ‘Spirit’, I use light touch and to rebalance and harness the energy flow through the body. Some essential oils and floral waters are used intuitively, to focus and enhance the healing. Sometimes there is much guidance from ‘Spirit’, sometimes quietness and stillness is required. This is a very broad treatment that is focused and tailored to the needs of the individual. The healing is always followed with some aftercare recommendations.

Spiritual Healing can reach into the deeper aspects of the self, in mind, emotion, body and spirit. It can encourage a sense of wellbeing, tranquility and grounding. This can facilitate the release of old and redundant energies and inspire new growth and transformation. It can remind us of whom we are, and reflect a broader and fuller picture of our selves and our lives.

A Healing session can be very helpful when we feel ‘stuck’ or we are finding it difficult to move forward in any aspect of ourselves/lives. It is effective for treating any stress related symptoms, or it can be used simply to enhance a greater sense of harmony, ease and flow. It can help to connect us more deeply within ourselves and heighten our awareness of the abundance of ‘natural’ support that is available to us all.


Meditation for Healing / Healing for meditation. (one to one sessions)

Over the years of my practice I have discovered the two fold benefit of my meditation practice. Sitting in quietness allows areas of the self that need attention, to be bathed and soothed. This can stimulate a healing.
The more we bathe and heal, the quicker we can reach a state of stillness.

In other words – Meditation can assist us to experience our own healing capacity and the more healing we receive the clearer and easier it is to Meditate.

The stiller we are, the deeper our release into wellness and ease. This is where our capacity for self-healing is substantial. The action of letting go into non-action, a state of surrender, can create immense internal space. This internal space we could relate to as a ‘state of prayer’. Here, the true depth and wonder of our being can be realised.

Finding internal calm, allows for a falling away of what is no longer needed and the stilling of the mind for even a small period of time can create a huge sense of clarity and renewal.

I believe that sitting within our own light – the light from source, on a regular basis is one of the most powerful forms of healing.

So I am very happy that I can offer a one to one session that is non-hands- on and is orientated around finding inner stillness and the healing available to us when within this peaceful state.

Each session will be different depending on each individuals needs.

The sessions will assist one with becoming more familiar with or deepening our ability to meditate. It will focus upon clearing and healing the things that make it difficult for us to discover and know our inner sanctum.


Kate’s Holistic Healing Massage

Holistic Healing Massage is extremely nurturing and deeply relaxing. I have been a Massage Therapist for 18 years, so my treatments are informed by the wealth of experience I have had over this time. My massage technique focuses on body alignment, balance and flow. My touch can be deep when required to help the body to release. It is also sensitive and intuitive, so the needs of the whole person, in Body, Mind, Emotion and Spirit, can be addressed.


I offer both one-on-one healing and holistic massage therapy at:

Neal’s Yard Remedies – 124 Kings Rd, Chelsea, London.


Contact Kate at katehealing@gmail.com or fill out the contact form



I practice healing, healing massage and Meditation for healing from my home practice at:

East View Fields, Plumpton Green, East Sussex, BN7 3EF.


(I am less than 5 mins walk from Plumpton station. Trains are hourly from Victoria and take around 55mins.)

Contact Kate at katehealing@gmail.com or fill out the contact form