Class Notes / Supportive Oils for Feb + Early March 2013

I thought it maybe nice to share a little of the info from last fridays class.

Below are some supportive oils blends that you may find useful over the coming month.

Use them with your intuition. Please do not use all of the on the same day.

One blend a day is plenty.

They are very powerful so just a little inhale from the bottles or from a tissue will be enough.

Then sit quietly and let them do there thing.


* For a good all round cleanse – CEDARWOOD (ATLAS if poss) & ROSEMARY (preferably Spanish or English) OIL. In equal parts.


*For cleansing excess emotion that maybe distorting the communication channels – ROSEMARY & MAY CHANG OIL. 2-1 Ratio


* For mental fatigue РCEDARWOOD  (VIRGINIAN if poss) & ROSE WATER or OIL. Equal Parts.


*For mental grounding (if the mind is over stimulated) – CEDARWOOD (HIMALAYAN if poss) & LOVAGE or ROSEMARY OIL.


*For deepening communication with Higher Self/ Prayer State РGARDENIA OIL








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